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The rural landscape of the Upper Valley can make photographing large and even medium sized properties difficult.  Often prospective buyers are only able to see a small photo of the front of a house or an image of a field.  Aerial photography allows prospective buyers to get a sense of the woods, ponds, barns, and other features that make Upper Valley land so attractive to the right buyer.  In the past such services were prohibitively expensive because they required expensive manned aircraft.  However UAS technology allows beautiful aerial photos in a price range that all sellers can afford.  It is for that reason that aerial photography is rapidly becoming the norm in many real estate markets.

UVUAV offers a range of services for real estate agents and others wishing to highlight the unique features of individual buyers to prospective buyers.


Look at what Aerial Photography can do for a property!

Drone photo                                                          Traditional Photo

cr_wide3          cr_land


High Definition Video gives prospective buyers a sense of the beauty of rural property!


It’s also a great way to show off raw land!